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Software Implementation

Infomatics Technologies has adopted standard procedures in software implementation as part of its ongoing commitment to quality and customer service. We manage our resources so that the appropriate taskforce are placed on projects according to their expertise, needs of our client and location.

Efficient and rigorous monitoring, of the onsite deployed team at various geographic locations, is ensured to successfully implement large scale projects for small, medium to large-sized organizations.

Infomatics Technologies boast of having proven best expertise, experience and drive in business solution implementation besides the solution development. We make the things to happen at ground level and then make it to move upward to the strategic level.

Our focus is always to enable our partners to realize best ROI.

Implementation Methodology

Our implementation methodology is based on "best practices" as it incorporates our standard quality control procedures for project management.

Implementation Methodology is comprised of the following project phases:

  • Initiation,
  • Project definition,
  • Analysis and design,
  • Development and Integration,
  • Delivery, Background settings, Transaction entries and Acceptance testing
  • Training, Handholding, cut over, closing and
  • Post implementation support.

No Software solution is Successful without Proper & effective Implementation

"The most important phase in the change management process is the implementation, irrespective of technology and domain. Without the effective implementation any solution will get fail at operation level. Implementation process communicates the strategic needs of the organization and resultant solution to the end user who are indeed giving practical shape to the solution."

"Successful & effective solution implementation enables the policy makers and managers to take best strategic and tactical decisions hence optimized business operations and enhanced customer as well as employee satisfaction and overall profitability."

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