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A comprehensive, easy-to-use ERP software system enables small and Mid-size organizations to streamline business processes for accelerated growth. We have tailor i - BOSS to your business processes like manufacturing, trading, distribution, C & F, Warehouse & Logistics.

Use it to accomplish your goals with optimal efficiency. The i - BOSS ERP is built on the highly scalable and affordable platform of Oracle Technologies, available in Client Server [Two-tire] and Web Server [Three Tire] Variants.



  • Sponge Iron
  • Steels & Powers
  • Ferro Alloys


Service Industries

  • C & F, Warehouse and Logistics Management
  • Distribution
  • Crushers

  Our Products

 Why Choose i - BOSS ERP

  • A Proven Solution with success rate of more than 90 %
  • Easy Implementation, Principle Software provider does the implementation
  • Highly customizable product
  • Web enabled for multiple location operations
  • High levels of Data Security
  • Industry Expertise
  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Great Price / performance ratio
  • Runs on Oracle Database and Internet Developer Suite 10g